BOXcare is a blue-ocean approach to the delivery of cancer services
with no capital investment, no infrastructure requirements,
and no nuclear security risks.

BOXcare brings healthcare to the patient by developing a factory-built,
fully automated radiotherapy facility that is deployable in any location
and that supports ongoing training and quality-assurance.

Growing demand for cancer care

BOXcare will enable countries to provide comprehensive support to the refugees living within their borders through deployment of safe, ruggedized technology without the financial risk of capital expenditure or the security risk of unsecured nuclear technology for health. Such an investment creates healthier populations and safer communities, and furthers human development.

The world is currently experiencing the greatest refugee crisis since World War II, with more than 65 million people worldwide who have been forcibly displaced.  These 21st century refugees come from diverse backgrounds and present with unique health systems challenges. Some entire communities have lived for years in refugee camps with temporary housing facilities, where challenges move from the acute crises related to food, sanitation, and infectious diseases to longer-term challenges of noncommunicable diseases, such as cancer.

The lack of appropriate infrastructure and the ability to deploy it safely has left millions of refugees without access to curative and palliative treatment of cancer. These inequities result in needless suffering and mortality, creating an enormous societal and economic loss, as working-age people are no longer to contribute to their family’s livelihood or to economic growth within their communities.

© UNHCRS.Baldwin

© UNHCRS.Baldwin


This technology will motivate industry and healthcare markets to adapt more of their technologies, creating a tidal wave of reverse innovation as high-income countries see the low-cost and high-reward potential of modular cancer delivery in their own countries.

BOXcare is a novel radiotherapy and cancer care system that will transform healthcare delivery by enabling the provision of nuclear technology in low-resource, unstable climates and conflict-zones. It is the first of its kind to use prefabricated, modular structures for the delivery of these complex services. To date, access for refugees and civilians in these regions has been nearly non-existent due to high capital costs, lack of infrastructure support, and security concerns.

BOXcare is a fully self-contained ecosystem in which revenue is based on documented care delivery with no upfront cost and tiered to gross national income. It is a highly automated platform with remote expertise available for clinical decision support and an integrated quality-assurance platform with competency-based staff skill validation tools and real-time remote monitoring. It is modular and scalable to national needs without physical adjacency and is not dependent on external power supply. It will use non-isotopic technologies with custom, ruggedized linear accelerators to replace high-risk cobalt-60 sources.

Main features of BOXcare drop-ship solution

  • Provision of nuclear technology in low-resource, unstable climates and conflict-zones
  • Self-contained, modular and scalable ecosystem with no upfront cost and tiered to gross national income
  • Highly automated platform
  • Integrated shielding, power, cooling, internet connectivity, security/tamper monitoring
  • 24/7 clinical, business and technical support system

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